Sparks music is inspired by her relationship with her Creator. Despite her imperfections and ups and downs, she said she knows she is loved and seen for who she really is and wants to share that love with the world.” - Chloe McGowan and Andres Ibarra

The Lantern

Brandi's single, "I Love You More" was released September 2021. Produced and brought to life with Chad Warren, the song was written to encourage her grandma to find purpose and hope in her older years. 

"Have you ever been in the dark so long that you can't find the light? Have you ever wished that someone would call and say I need you tonight? Have you ever felt forgotten about? Like you don't matter anymore? Have you ever wondered what in the world you're doing here? Wonder what you're made for?"

She released her "Happy Place", the 2nd collaborative with producer Chad Warren, December of 2021, and followed up with “Where You Lead” in August 2022. 

Brandi hopes to remind us all of the crazy amazing love of God, our creator, who calls us His own and sees us as beautiful. He loves us no matter what is in our past, what mess we're in now. He opens His arms and makes us pure with His love that is more than we could ever know. He is our Happy Place. 

About Brandi:

Ohio native singer-songwriter Brandi Sparks journeys through life's mountaintop highs down to the darkest depths and shares how she arises with the love of a God who sees her as beautiful. The angelic cry of her voice carries her folk ditties and blue eyed soul ballads. Its smooth power and raspy edge shines in her spiritual and roots rock anthems.  Her poetic wisdom compels, inspires, & motivates you to get up and be free from the storms inside.

Her solo career began in 2015 with the birth of her son, Gavin. She felt a fire in her bones to share the struggles she had in life with others through her love of music. During the writing and release of her 2018 album, beYOUtiful Life, her vision and passion were fueled even more so by hardships and struggles along the way.

She is currently recording and collaborating with Chad Warren, who produced her songs, "I Love You More", "Happy Place", and “Where You Lead”; releases from her upcoming album.

Brandi shares her music at festivals, community events, coffee shops, and listening rooms locally and regionally. The music happily takes 2nd place to her husband, Austin Sparks, their children, Gavin and Lily, Charlie girl, the labradoodle, Mango the russian tortoise, and Mo the fish. 




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